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Waterfalls Built With Erector Sets


Costa Rica

Surf, Volcanoes & Divine Food at the Four Seasons

This One Will Get In Your Head Too…

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TG @ Maverick 1.11.08

Soo strange

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Delhi – First Day

Check out Carol Vandenberg riding the Rikshaw thru the streets of Delhi. Allison and I were trying to find a hotel but instead we ended up near the Jamal Masjid – a Muslum place. The person next to my mother was her driver for the day.

 My mother just happened to be flying to India at the same time. You know, when your mother is working the trip as one of the head Flight Attendants, the 14 hour journey is most comfortable!

First Post – Delhi 11.11.06

Ok so Allison and I have been in India for three days. Feels like a month. Deli is a stinking, hulking city of 19 millon. Lots of cows running the streets, doudes who like to bug the crap out of us & really really good food. As soon as we figure out this wordpress stuff, like adding photos & other stuff, we’ll send everyone an invite to check out our junk.

 Tomorrow we are off to Shimla, the start of the Himalaya. 14 hour train ride for $4 each. We leave at 6am tomorrow.