Allison’s City Observations

My dear friend frank-n-furter ask for more pictures of rats. As of to date I still have not captured our neighborhood rats in motion, they tend to stay in in dark places and scurry away when they hear someone coming. Mr. Furtur also asked me to write some observations of the city that pop out to me after living in a small town in the Rocky Mountain West. So here we go:

… Kids-they are everywhere here. I am not saying that kids in the West don’t exsist. It is just that they remain hidden. They go from the back seat of their partents car to school and then back in the car to play in their back yard.
…People have these extremely personal moments in public. When you live in a place where your personal space is so limited you have your breakdowns where ever you happen to be. About a month ago a women was screaming and crying into her phone in the middle of Union Square. She was yellng at her boyfriend that had stolen from her to by more drugs.

…The great debate of the price of groceries. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, it costs about the same for me to by groceries in Manhattan as it did in Jackson. I guest I’ll have to move to Hawaii to truly be shocked. As for the debate that it is just as cheap to eat out as it is to cook I would have to disagree. Maybe what people should be saying is it is more convenient to eat out than cook at home. I do have to say that I miss getting in a car and going to the grocery store to buy a weeks worth of groceries. I also miss my BBQ.
…New Yorkers’ aggressive personalities. For example people pushing through a crowd to cross the street and then standing in a middle of a lane when it is obvious that the traffic on the street is not going to let up. This behavior is also seen in cyclists who put their bikes in the hardest gear to pass you on a downhill section. I always end up passing them again going up hill and I am not even that strong of a rider. If you can’t keep your speed going uphill don’t leap frog me going downhill. It’s annoying and shows off your aggression (and your poor fitness) way to much.


2 responses to “Allison’s City Observations

  1. great northern cycles

    im miss the BBQ as well….

  2. Frank N. Furter

    Still no pictures of rats? Are they endangered species now in NYC? I bet they’d be tasty on teh BBQ!

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