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Chronological History of Our Local Drinking Establishment

The History of The Ding Dong Lounge

1660: First cuckoo clock invented by Shlongrich von Ding Dong, Copenhagen, Denmark.

1790: Steve Naidich’s great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother invents the thong. Burned at stake. Odessa, Russia.

Nov. 1999: Last decent punk rock bar on Lower East Side goes totally yuppie.

Sept. 2000: Homicidal Morningside Heights slumlord informs KKK-baiting downtown comedian Steve Naidich that former video store (read “crack house”) is available immediately for “business opportunity”. Naidich immediately phones retired clothing magnate & notorious whoremonger Bill Nolan. Nolan, upon hearing Naidich’s proposition, tells Naidich to go fuck himself.

Oct. 2000: Local police precinct informs Naidich & Nolan that neighborhood is utterly resistant to gentrification. Delighted, they sign lease.

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City Life II

Spending lots of time with our heads embedded inside white books.

For those who may be skiing in Canada (Tony), building a bike shop in Honkeyfish, MT (Craig) or bike racing in California (Amanda) this weekend, I’ll be sure to tip my beer as a salute to your gallant efforts.

The Bicycle Film Festival comes to NYC in about a month. Check out the vid of Tokyo fixed gear riders. Good soundtrack. Lots of cowbell. Hey – cities are fun!