Monthly Archives: February 2007

I sold my car and traded it in for a metro card.

Feb 2nd; David and I flew to the Big Apple to start our transfer from quiet Jackson Hole to the not so quiet city of New York. We flew in on a rainy Friday night. We wouldn’t let the rain keep us down and decided that we would celebrate our arrival with some dinner and a couple drinks at a resturant and bar a half a block away from my brother’s house in Brooklyn simply called Bar BQ. My brother pre-warned me about his friend Joy the bartender. His advise: ” plan your escape two to three drinks before you actually want to leave, otherwise she’ll just keep pouring whiskey after whiskey.” I didn’t give this advise much thought. I was a foolish girl and kept agreeing to the wiskey that Joy was serving with her big smile, or should I say snicker. I have no doubt that she was aware of the pain she was indirectly going to cause me the next day when I awoke…

I started in New York with a massive hang over…

Thanks to my brother Mark, our major ‘to do’ that day was to help him move a 96 inch couch three blocks & up the stairs to his apartment. Oh soo much pain!

One week later and our apartment is in hand. Continue reading