Phucket. The last stop in Thailand.

David and I are at our last stop in Thailand, the island of Phucket. So here are some quick memories to share before we move on. Monkeys might be cute but they are not nice. While on a hike I had a monkey try to steal my flip flops every step for 15 steps! lucky for me he was trying to pull them off the back of my foot. If he was pulling from the front I might have lost that battle, never to see my flip flops again.

Hot tip: Don’t fall off an elephant while it is in mid stride!

I don’t know if it is because their are fewer American touristas here or if David doesn’t look American. He has been mistaken from being from Holland on a daily basis. David says that his look is unique and that is why people are having a hard time placing him. I would agree. The other day were complimented on how well we spoke english. The person delivering the compliment missed the fact that we were from the states and assumed that David was Dutch.

I would recommend Thailand to others, the locals are incredibly kind and helpful here. They have made our last week-and-a-half easy and enjoyable. A big difference from India, where everything seems a struggle and every piece of information you receive has an element of doubt.

Lady boys! Lady boys! Lady boys! for a while I thought that Singapore had more than Thailand, but my opinion has changed. In America it can be shocking to see some one crossed dressed, here it is an everyday, everywhere occurrence.


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