Tun Sai

We knew we were in the right place when Allison found three empty bottles of Jack Daniels sitting on the counter of the Andaman Cafe. Melonie was certainly here. We had a coffee with her friend Teo and later the next day took the long boat back to the hippie climber enclave to have a proper thai curry dinner with Melonie’s heart throb. I hope you all have a chance to meet Theo in the upcoming months – he will certainly put a smile on your face. And Melonie, everyone at the cafe is looking foward to your return on Jan 18. And both of the Charles from Minnesota are looking forward to your party in March AND they hope you will be bringing more JD to share!

We are now on Pi Pi island, apparently where the movie The Beach was filmed. The 2004 Tsunami really took this place out – it is quite evident by the amount of re-construction taking place and destruction that is still here. We are off to Karon Beach in Phuket in a few days (might be the only opportunity to get our surf on for this whole trip) then to Bangkok and on to Smelly Dehi on Dec 13 and a possible return flight to winterland for December 18. It’s been a great trip but we are both ready for the next adventure – Skiing – and then off to the next real real real adventure – NYC.



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