Bangkok the city of angels

David and I are enjoying our third day in Bangkok while trying to make plans to our next destination, the beach. Yesterday, we went to what is said to be the largest bazzar in the world. After spending three hours there and only seeing a portion of it, I don’t doubt it’s claim to fame.

You could buy everything there, clothes, jewlery, furniture, household items, pets, cages, swords, china and of course food. our lunch cost us 60 baht a little less than two dollars (for both of us).

I wanted to buy everything but the fact that I have to carry everything that I buy made the day a less expensive one. I quess that I could send it back but that is a whole day just to figure it out.

Our clothes were becoming a bit dirty and in this case it was cheaper to buy new ones than to pay to have them washed. When we repack our bags, we will see what clothes make the cut and which ones get left behind.



2 responses to “Bangkok the city of angels

  1. Hey Guys! Thanks for letting us live vicariously through you. Post more pics! We are planning a trip to Nothern India, Ladakh and Nepal this time next year. Can’t wait for fishball turkey dinner!
    Have a great time
    Robin & Ricardo

  2. hello friends! glad to hear you are having fun in far away places! i just returned from a long thanksgiving weekend in costa rica with vanessa, nel, tristan and nel’s family. it was fantastico — complete with a thanksgiving feast on friday of spit roasted salty sheep, which vanessa and i saved from a tropical downpour by holding a giant tupperware lid over it until we could move the spit into a covered area.

    here’s to life’s adventures.
    much love,

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