Sorry that we haven’t been in touch. David and I went to the end of the world,
not much internet access at the end of the world.

We decided that we had to escape the dirtiest city in the world(Delhi) and
make our way up to the mountains. We took two trains to a town by the name
of Shimla at the base of the Himalayas. It took us 12-13 hours- a long day
of travel with not much opportunity to eat, to say the least I was a little

From Shimla we went higher into the hills with two Norwegians, a guide and a
driver. David really wanted to see the big peaks of the Himalayas. Two
days of travel via jeep on the most hair ball roads with tires that had
no tread, we made it high enough to see the big peaks. I truly felt like we
had gone to the end of the earth.

There were places where there had been a land slide wiping out half of the
road. they fix this problem by making a temporary fence out of corrugated
metal and filling the gap with cement, When the cement was dry they removed
the fence. How secure is that?

Everything was done by hand. We saw houses being built with hand saws and
plainers. but more impressive was the roads being built by hand. Groups of
people sitting by the side of the road crushing rocks by hand.

There were villages everywhere on these extremely steep slopes. It is as if
they were in the middle of the Tetons and most of them had a road going
to them, just to give you a visual. They made the money off of apples so
everywhere there was a village they had cut into the side of the mountain
and made room for orchards.

The travel was worth it because the mountains were majestic, making the
Tetons look like miniatures.

The cold weather and not the right equipments started to wear down on me and
of course I got a head cold. Out of all the medicine that David and I have,
decongestants are the one thing missing. I survived and at the end we spent
enough time in village to find some drugs that cleared me sinuses enough for
me to sleep.

Of course when you go to the end of the world you always have to come back
down and David and I had a date with and airplane to take us away to
Singapore on the 17th. Ten hours by Jeep back to shimla. Ten hours by bus
back to Delhi. Another ten hours by taxi, airplane and metro and we arrived in the
cleanest city in Southeast Asia, Singapore. The Four Seasons is an oasis for
us after the last week of travel. However we did get some confused looks
when we walk into the hotel with just backpacks that are now more than



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