First Post – Delhi 11.11.06

Ok so Allison and I have been in India for three days. Feels like a month. Deli is a stinking, hulking city of 19 millon. Lots of cows running the streets, doudes who like to bug the crap out of us & really really good food. As soon as we figure out this wordpress stuff, like adding photos & other stuff, we’ll send everyone an invite to check out our junk.

 Tomorrow we are off to Shimla, the start of the Himalaya. 14 hour train ride for $4 each. We leave at 6am tomorrow.



One response to “First Post – Delhi 11.11.06

  1. You are so right about India, and Delhi in particular, being a particularly stinky place! I hope the rest of your trip includes better smelling venues!

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