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Krabi Thailand

Ah the beach! We are now on the Andaman coast of Thailand. The bond movie The Man with the Golden Gun was filmed in this area. We are going to stay here for like six whole nights! Now the vacation really starts. Looking forward to meeting Melanie Kirol’s boyfriend Teo in a couple of days. -DV


Yeah I have no idea what this guy is about either – DV

Bangkok the city of angels

David and I are enjoying our third day in Bangkok while trying to make plans to our next destination, the beach. Yesterday, we went to what is said to be the largest bazzar in the world. After spending three hours there and only seeing a portion of it, I don’t doubt it’s claim to fame. Continue reading

Thanksgiving in Malaysia

Gonna try and roll this site out today. Check the Links section for our photo albums. I’ll post more photos if I ever find a fast internet connection…

Allision and I are at the base of the Petronas Towers which are in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. If you look closely at the enclosed photo you will see me, which sould give you an idea of the size of this thing! Until 2003 they were the tallest buildings in the world. Thanks to Tapei tower 101, the towers above us lost their place in line. We’ve been in Malaysia since Monday & head to Bangkok tomorrow. Kuala Lumpur is a nice mellow city of under 2 million people. Excellent transportation including three different monorails (the only way to save J-hole from itself would be to build one of these things & connect Jackson to Wilson to the Village & Moose!), great food but expensive beer. Our room is under us $20/ night & we saw the new James Bond movie on an I-max screen for us $2. They cut out the sex scenes though!

Air Con bus in India


Sorry that we haven’t been in touch. David and I went to the end of the world,
not much internet access at the end of the world.

We decided that we had to escape the dirtiest city in the world(Delhi) and
make our way up to the mountains. We took two trains to a town by the name
of Shimla at the base of the Himalayas. It took us 12-13 hours- a long day
of travel with not much opportunity to eat, to say the least I was a little
grouchy. Continue reading

Delhi – First Day

Check out Carol Vandenberg riding the Rikshaw thru the streets of Delhi. Allison and I were trying to find a hotel but instead we ended up near the Jamal Masjid – a Muslum place. The person next to my mother was her driver for the day.

 My mother just happened to be flying to India at the same time. You know, when your mother is working the trip as one of the head Flight Attendants, the 14 hour journey is most comfortable!